The decision to share your birth images and video is a very personal one. While there is absolutely no shame in choosing to keep your images private, there is something to be said for families who choose to let others into their birth space. I am in awe of moms who are bold in sharing their birth stories, come what may. There are so many misconceptions and so much fear surrounding birth that can be addressed when we can get glimpses into these powerful moments. Because of these images, there is a mom somewhere who is empowered to give birth her own way. Because of these images a family has chosen to switch providers, invite someone else into their birthing space, or even decided on an altogether different approach to birth.

okc birth photography
Oklahoma birth photographer captures dad supporting laboring mom
ok oklahoma birth photographer captures family meeting baby for the first time
OKC Birth photographer captures laboring mom trying different positions
First time mom cradles her baby and cries
okc birth photographer captures fresh curly babe

How many families has birth photography positively impacted over the world? How many women no longer feel shame when their bodies are going through something so beautiful and raw and natural? How many partners now know not only what to expect but how to show up for their families in these moments because they’ve SEEN other people do it with their own eyes? Birth photography is healing. It’s empowering. It’s literally life-changing work. If you've decided to share your images with other moms, dads, families, birth workers, and more, thank you! Thank you for being bold and vulnerable and allowing us to see you at your most powerful.

okc birth photographer captures baby next to placenta