I recently had the privilege of capturing the birth of sweet Bristol Rain. At just 4 pounds 14 ounces and 16 and 1/2 inches long, she changed so many lives. I'm so honored to be able to give you a glimpse into her sweet life and share her story with you. I have interviewed Bristol's mommy and shared her words below.

We decided on the name Bristol Rain because we absolutely loved the name meaning for Bristol. The name Bristol means “a meeting place by the bridge.” And her middle name Rain means “abundant blessings from above.” We decided on this name for her before we even knew of her diagnosis. Now we understand all the more why God wanted her name to be Bristol Rain.

These two names could not be any more perfect for her.

We delivered at Norman Regional Healthplex. What was most important to us about where we chose to deliver our girl was the amount of support we already had at this hospital. We knew our labor nurse really well and all 5 of our other children were also delivered there, so it holds a lot of special memories for our family.

The moments that I remember the most were Kyle telling me that it’s going to be okay. That I didn’t have to be afraid and that she was coming. My nurse also told me not to be afraid and that Bristol was absolutely beautiful. I remember her telling me how much hair Bristol had and that she was perfect. I remember seeing Kyle, and thinking that he looked just as happy as he did with all of our other babies that were about to come out at delivery. He was that happy dad about to meet his child. That brings a smile to my face every time I think about it .

My labor went really smooth. It was about as uneventful as it could be and so for that we are very grateful. Bristol handled the labor process very well and my body knew exactly what to do because this was my 5th time to deliver a sweet baby.

Meeting Bristol was a gift. Hearing her cry and touching her skin was so wonderful. I was so scared because of her diagnosis but the moment I laid eyes on her, all of that anxiousness was washed away.

One thing that stands out to me the most when I think about my other kids meeting Bristol was just how peaceful they were. My other 5 kids age range from 7-18 months, always have an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm about them. But the moment they let Bristol I had never seen them so calm, and peaceful. They were so calm and filled with joy. It was a very sweet time with them that I’ll remember forever.

If there is a momma someday that receives the news that her baby has a life-limiting diagnosis, I would want her to know that even though she does not feel strong enough to walk through the rest of her pregnancy, she is. And because of Gods strength, she can do it. And that it will be okay. That even though she can’t see it now, she will feel joy on that day when she meets her baby face to face. If want her to know that she’s stronger than she thinks she is. And that her little baby can really truly feel her love. She’s going to make it. One step at a time and one day at a time. She’ll never regret giving life to her baby and kissing those precious cheeks & lips once her baby is in her arms.

I think in the beginning I over thought a lot about what it would he like to have a birth photographer. Things like, what the photographer would think or how they would feel being in such an intimate space. Maybe a little self conscious on my end. But what I found with hiring a birth photographer is that, the photographer is in this space because it’s what she loves to do! That all my anxiousness with thinking if I could get the right picture or videos myself, washed away knowing my photographer was there for that purpose. I felt like the pressure I had on my shoulders with these very crucial moments of meeting my daughter, was lifted. It was so freeing knowing Sara was taking care of everything and I just got to fully enjoy those sweet moments with my girl! It was so wonderful! We are forever grateful for what our photographer captured on that day. Because it is the only memories we have with our girl.

I pray that if this is you, and you’re a momma wondering if you need a photographer at the birth of your baby, you will never regret it. The pictures and videos you have will be treasured forever. I’m so grateful we have them.

And if you’re a momma who’s baby has a life-limiting diagnosis, you’re not alone. You will make it through. And I am here for you.