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Why Birth Photography?

Why Birth Photography?

Evocative. Raw. Moving.

No matter how he or she arrives, your child's birth is miraculous. There are so many fleeting moments that you will inevitably miss as you focus on laboring, breathing, and welcoming your newest little love. You will be captivated by her tiny, wrinkly fingers or how he has his daddy's eyes. It all happens so quickly and there are numerous magical moments that you don't want to miss, like how your husband wipes away his tears when he meets his daughter or how your family member kisses your forehead and tells you how proud they are of you. Even if you are able to soak in these moments, these memories will begin to fade with time. I believe that photography, like many forms of art, can be healing. Birth photography brings perspective to your birth that you wouldn't otherwise have. You get to see how strong you are. You get to remember all the ways you were supported and you get to relive the moment you fell in love. It is not often that life-altering moments are captured on film. Let this be one of the few intimate times you can reminisce: the moment you became a mom.

The peace of mind that comes with hiring someone you know you can trust to capture a life altering event is priceless. As a certified birth photographer, I'm committed to making sure I can provide families like yours, breathtaking birth stories that you will cherish for years to come. It is an honor to be invited into such sacred spaces over and over again and it would be my privilege to add your baby's birth to my calendar this year!

“I highly recommend Sara. She took delivery pictures for my daughter. I was very skeptical of this until I saw a few of the photos. She got shots that very few people get to see; the pure emotion on the mother's face. I tear up every time I look at them.”

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