Those initial weeks at home are marked by firsts, exhaustion, and so much love your heart could burst. Inviting me into your home brings a personal and intimate touch to your photos. Regardless of where you live 5, 10, or 50 years from now, you will always have tangible memories of the home that welcomed your tiny baby.

As the years go by, when you're feeling nostalgic, these photos will take you back to the place where you grew into parenthood. Your kids won’t remember how neat and clean their home was. They won’t care about the decor or the paint colors. But they will look back fondly on the memories you’ve made and the way they were loved fiercely.

newborn photographer okc

Your story deserves to be told well. No matter how sharp your memory, there are some moments that can only be adequately conveyed through images. Many times, these are so powerful and life-altering, they demand to be shared with family and handed down to future generations.