Let's Talk About Certified Birth Photographers

In order to receive this badge, I took a professional birth photography course that included over 8 hours of learning, refining shooting and editing, and even taking a written test. This course was specifically designed with YOU in mind. As a certified birth photographer, I am held to the highest standards of client care and professionalism in the birthing space. Let's talk about the specifics of how this training benefits my clients.

When you hire a certified professional birth photographer, you can trust that you are hiring the best. From preparing for equipment malfunctions to being able to handle any lighting situation, you need to know that your photographer has the training and experience to produce memorable photos in any scenario. I pursued certification so my clients would know how serious I am about my role in the birthing space and how committed I am to them.

Throughout the certification process, professionalism is one of the most important topics discussed. It is so important that professional photographers know exactly what is expected of them when they step into hospitals and are working with other professionals. All it takes is one rogue photographer who gets in the way and doesn't honor the role of the other professionals to get all photographers banned from hospitals. In order to nurture these relationships and maintain trust, photographers need to be specially trained to step into these intimate spaces.

Being a photographer is so much more than owning a great camera. My clients trust that I know what to look for when I walk into a room; that I can see the photo that will be framed on the wall or the image that will still bring tears to their eyes in 5 years. Being trained means knowing how to tell the story of the day your baby arrives in the most impactful way.

If I could give one piece of advice to an expectant mama wanting to hire a birth photographer, it would be: don't leave it up to chance. Take time to interview the person who will be with you during arguably the most life changing experience you've ever gone through. Don't make this decision lightly! You deserve to have the best photos of the day you finally meet your son or daughter.