1. Each birth is miraculous and deserves to be memorialized.

I am in awe every single time I witness how God chooses to bring life into the world and the way he designed our bodies is nothing short of miraculous. Every birth story deserves to be told and told well. I am honored to be able to document these stories from start to finish so you can remember it all and share it with your loved ones.

2. Birth photography is about telling a story.

Birth photography is more than just pictures of your baby being born. A professional photographer tells the story; the story of people whose worlds are altered forever; the story of a fresh, tiny baby, full of promise and hope. I document brand new life and big emotions. I capture your support team praying with you, massaging your back, and brushing the hair out of your face. I photograph the strength with which you endure contractions and the way your partner looks at you when he realizes how strong you really are. I capture the moment your little one takes her first breath, the look on your face when you meet your son, and the way you hold your child and lean back, thinking, "I did it. She's here."

3. Birth is unpredictable.

Things can change quickly in any given birth. One minute it can be almost completely dark and the next there can be spotlights and the curtains thrown open. There are no do-overs in birth if the camera settings are incorrect or the family member with the camera gets distracted. A professional photographer knows exactly how to handle these situations and get great photos no matter where your baby makes his appearance. I have the equipment, skill, and knowledge it takes to accommodate any situation.

4. You need your support team doing what they do best.

Each person in the room has a role to play. Whether it's family members, nurses, doulas, midwives, or doctors, every single person's role is unique and purposeful. If any of those people are distracted by trying to take photos, they cannot be fully focused on supporting you. Your nurses can capture some images with cell phones but a dedicated birth photographer has the ability to capture timeless photos that you’ll cherish for years. Without a birth photographer, you may have photos of specific moments, but you won't have the whole story. You won't be able to see your loved ones' reactions if they're the ones behind the camera. You'll miss out on shots of them holding your hand and whispering, "I'm so proud of you." I will capture all of those moments and more so everyone else can be totally focused on you and your baby.