For decades, newly engaged couples have recognized the importance of budgeting for a professional photographer they can trust on their wedding day. In fact, when my husband and I were engaged, I decided I was going to hire the best wedding photographer(s.) I had been dreaming of this day for my entire life and I was not going to skimp on the only thing I'd have left after it was all over (minus the ring and my husband, of course.) When we sat down for our first consultation with two of the most reputable photographers in our area, it really didn't matter what price they quoted us. We were going to figure out a way to make it happen. Not only did they walk us through what the engagement session and bridal session would entail, they also helped us nail down a timeline for our wedding day to optimize available lighting and allow us to sit back and trust that they had it under control. In truth, they operated a lot like wedding planners rather than just photographers. We will forever be indebted to them for the level of confidence and trust they brought during such a foundational moment for us.
nwa couple embraces at hospital before their daughter is born
Much like wedding photography, birth photography is about capturing a pivotal moment in a couple's life. Whatever your life was like before this particular day, it will absolutely never be the same again. A moment this monumental BEGS to be documented well. This is where photographers like me step in! Truly dedicated birth photographers, like wedding photographers, have developed the skills and the confidence necessary through practice, training, certification, etc. to confidently and competently photograph our clients' most transformative days.
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Take a look at the examples above. These three families are all studying their newest little loves and taking in all of the itty bitty details. This moment happens in every single birth but, many times, it comes and goes without anyone being able to acknowledge or relive it beyond that day. What excites me most about photographs like these is that one day, these little ones will be able to look back on the day they were born and see for themselves just how loved they were. Before they ever crawled, walked, got good grades, learned kindness, achieved their goals, or otherwise earned the affection of others, they were loved by these two, their biggest fans. They have had their parents' hearts from the first moment they met and this moment will be foundational for an entire family. I love to imagine their grandchildren looking at these photos and talking about the love their grandparents had for one another and the legacy they have built over the years. What an amazing privilege to have photos of such an intimate time in two peoples' lives, when time stood still and their entire worlds revolved around a 7 pound 6 ounce little squish.
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Birth is raw and emotional and brings people together in a powerful way. As long as moments like this are happening, the need for such moments to be recorded isn't going anywhere. The question you have to ask is, will this be one of those nonnegotiable moments for you?