Family story sessions freeze time as you know it. These sessions are a testament to your life in the here and now; a window into the unique love your family shares.

Whether you are playing with letters or blocks or just snuggling on the bed, these sessions tell the story of your family in this season.

Having a child made me realize just how quickly time passes and situations change. One day she was depending on me to rock her to sleep. The next, she was yelling, "Run, Mama!" and begging me to play chase. It won't be long until she is asking me to teach her how to drive. I want to bottle up her sweetness right now. I want to remember the way she grabs my face and says, "Look at me, Mama" to tell me something important. I want to have tangible memories of her tiny hands, eye rolls, and carefree dance moves.

I want my daughter to have memories like these to cherish when she's older. I want her to be able to hold actual photos of her family when she's feeling nostalgic. That's my hope for each of my clients, like the Raineys; that these pictures will remind them of the deep bond they share and the memories they made when the days were long and the years were short.