1. Bassinet and/or Crib

Newborns eat so often. Seriously, every 2 hours you're going to be up for night time feedings*, so trust me when I say, if you aren’t co-sleeping, you don't want to walk all the way across your house at midnight...and 2am...and 4am...Well, you get the idea. *I promise it gets easier!

Check out my favorite bassinet here!

2. Comfy Pajamas

One word: zippers! Remember those nighttime feedings I was talking about? Imagine trying to correctly match and snap 59 buttons on a onesie, in the dark, when you're sleep deprived. It's 2021 and they make pajamas that zip from both ends so you can change a diaper without undoing the entire ensemble. Take advantage of this!

Aren't these so cute?!

3. Snug Swaddles

Newborns are born with something called the Moro reflex which causes them to startle easily and makes swaddling essential for good sleep. It's best to find swaddles that are snug and secure so you can rest assured that your baby is safe, no matter how much they squirm. Zippers and velcro are your friends!

You can find my favorite swaddles here, here, and here.

4. Baby Carrier

Babies love being close to you and bonding is vital but sometimes we need our hands to cook, clean, and keep other humans alive, so invest in a baby carrier! I am so hot natured and impatient. I needed something that was easy to fasten and didn't feel like I was wearing a parka in the middle of the summer. That's why I chose the Ergo 360. Many moms like these brands too: K'tan, WildBird Ring Sling, and Moby Wrap. Ultimately it's a personal choice and you may have to try a couple before you know what feels right for you!

5. Haakaa

I don't have personal experience with this one but I have heard so many moms rave about this product! It requires no electricity or cords and uses natural suction to express milk. Many moms use it while breastfeeding to catch any letdown on the other side so none gets wasted. You can read more about it and purchase it here.

6. Nose Frida

This one always makes me gag, but it is seriously the best at clearing out tiny congested noses. It's WAY more hygienic than the bulb and can be completely taken apart and cleaned, so you never have to worry about mold or germs.

You can find it on Amazon here.

7. Taking Cara Babies

I am not exaggerating when I say that Cara is a baby whisperer. As a neonatal nurse and pediatrician's wife, she knows so many things about how baby's brains work and what they need in order to sleep well. Her methods are gentle and they work! I'm such a fan of hers. You can check out her classes here and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. She posts lots of tips free of charge!

8. Sound Machine

For 9 months, your baby has listened to all kinds of noises inside the womb. A sound machine like this one can help calm and soothe a baby and prevent unnecessary wakings during the night. Be sure you keep it as low as possible for the optimum benefit while also protecting those tiny ears!

9. More than all of that...

As great as these items are, there is one thing I'd recommend more than all of them combined. Of course, clothes are necessary and you need to sleep at night but the first few days of your baby's life are fleeting. Trust me. They change so quickly and you'll soon wonder what happened to that tiny wrinkly baby that curled up so sweetly on your chest. If I could give you one piece of advice as you're building your registry, it's to add photography to your list. Yes! You can actually register for birth and newborn photos! If your aunt really wants to buy you those cute bibs, let her! But what if you told your family and friends how much it would mean to you to be able to capture the magic of your son or daughter coming into this world? What if you could rest assured that these moments are frozen in time for you to cherish? I promise you, even the most essential material items won't be the things that bring tears to your eyes as you remember these life altering moments. You are going to be consumed with love for this tiny new creature and you deserve keepsakes that will capture the awe and freeze these magical moments. Don't let this stage pass you by. This is one registry item you will never regret and can cherish for years to come. You can contact me here to find out more about how to do this!