As a birth and newborn photographer based in Oklahoma City, I am passionate about capturing the raw, real, and beautifully ordinary moments. If you are trusting me to walk this journey alongside you, as you welcome your little one, I'm honored. It is my goal to provide you with keepsakes you will cherish for generations.

1. Have fun!

Some of the most moving images are the ones where parents and children are genuinely connecting, and enjoying one another. I know it can be stressful to figure out what to wear and get everyone ready but I want the session to be fun, above all!
It’s important that I keep your family close together while you keep your children engaged in fun! This can mean a tickle fight or seeing how your little one can pile up and hug on Mommy. It can also mean allowing your sweet boy to play with leaves and talk about the color or shape! Or maybe your little girl just wants to he held. I’m there to document that for you!

2. Follow your child's lead

As you'll notice by looking at my social media feeds or any number of galleries, I do not do "sit and smile" photos. I want to capture the connection that exists between family members. This means we allow children to lead the sessions. If you have a toddler, you know that convincing them they'll want these photos in 20 years is a no-go. They only want to have fun in the moment! Children are naturally motivated to play and interact with others and the photos will look best when we allow them to do just that, so let's make sure you're having fun!

3. Engage your child in an activity

From playing together to baking in the kitchen, it's easiest to keep children's attention and capture authentic joy when you're engaged in an activity together. We can either come up with these ideas together beforehand or improvise and play things by ear during the session. If we try something and your child is not enjoying it, we can move to the next activity! We're ultimately looking for the thing that will create the most memorable experience and produce the best photos + film.