Do you prefer a casual or formal feel?

Sessions at home can sometimes be more relaxed and intimate than sessions outdoors or in a studio. When you think of the memories you want to hand down to your kids, what kinds of photos come to mind? There is no wrong answer here. Choosing a session type is about recognizing which types of photos speak to your soul. Do you prefer to be posed in a studio, posed in nature, or do you want memories in the home that grew your family?

Do you have a spotless home?

I'm kidding! What even is a spotless home when kids or pets are involved?! Don't worry. If you're thinking of planning a session at home, you don't have to have a perfectly clean, perfectly decorated home. You just need some windows and your beautiful family. I do recommend decluttering prior to your session so things like water bottles and cords aren't in the background of your photos, but you don't need to deep clean. This isn't about your decor and your ability to clean as much as it's about capturing the connection that already exists between family members. That is something you can have no matter where you are.

What do you want to do with the photos?

When you think of printing your photos, what style of photo speaks to you? Which photos would look best in your home? For example, in my home, most of our photos are candid, lifestyle type photos because this is what I'm drawn to. This just comes down to personal preference!

How old is your baby?

Posed newborn photography usually requires baby be somewhere around 1-2 weeks old. At this age, babies are still very flexible and usually sleepy. As they get a bit older, babies start getting more alert and they are less likely to curl up in certain positions. I love capturing newborns as young as possible because they change so quickly but there is no age limit when it comes to a session at home. Whether baby is awake or asleep, he or she can be placed in their crib, in your arms, or on the bed.

No matter which style you're drawn to, you are sure to have gorgeous photos that memorialize this sweet time. If you're still on the fence and need to talk it out, feel free to schedule a free consultation with me by clicking on the button below. I will gladly help you decide which type of session is just right for your family!