Interested in becoming a trusted birth photographer in Northwest Arkansas?

Maybe you've seen the breathtaking images, experienced the magic of labor and delivery, or you just love taking photos and think birth photography might be your calling. Whatever the reason, you're considering stepping into the birthing space with your camera.

Birth photography is quickly going from something most people have never heard of to a sought after experience for many expectant moms but, because birth photography is vastly different from any other kind of photography, specific and detailed training is necessary for photographers interested in entering this sacred corner of the photography world.

I want to provide this training ($1595 value) to ONE person for just $500.* What's the catch? I just need a backup photographer that I can trust if I get sick or am at another birth when a mom goes into labor.

Who is this Mentorship for?

This mentorship could be for you if you are:

  • Proficient at shooting in manual
  • Interested in becoming a trusted birth photographer
  • A resident of Northwest Arkansas
  • Dedicated to learning the art of birth photography
  • Running a legal business (paying taxes, licensed/insured, etc) If you are not, that is okay. I can help you get everything set up!

What is included?

Shadow me at a birth ($1500 value)

Be trained as my primary backup photography ($1595+ value)

Get feedback on your images ($200 value)

Attend a minimum of 6 one-on-one lessons ($1295 value) to discuss all things birth including:

  • Necessary gear and camera settings
  • Birth etiquette
  • Contracts/Booking information
  • On-call life
  • Preparing for a birth (What to pack and steps to take before going on call)
  • Being a backup photographer

How to Apply:

  • Complete the interest form below (It's that easy!)

After submitting this form, you will hear from me within 2 weeks regarding next steps. You may be asked to schedule a meeting with me in person to discuss the requirements of the mentorship and allow us to get to know one another a bit better.


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