What emotions were you feeling when you found out you were pregnant?

Very excited yet nervous at the same time. After losing our first baby early on, it was hard to actually believe I was pregnant again.

How did you tell your husband? What was his reaction?

We took a test together and our reactions were the same, excited, shocked and nervous!

When did you announce to your family? What about online?

Because we lost our first baby, we decided to wait until 13 weeks to tell our families! We didn't announce it on social media until about 15 weeks. We wanted to wait until I was in my second trimester, just to be safe.

What food cravings have you had?

French fries! It started around 7 weeks and I still crave them from time to time!

Did you experience any morning sickness?

No morning sickness or symptoms at all, I got very lucky!

How did you select your OB, doula, or midwife?

I knew I wanted to have a midwife because it is my dream to have a vaginal, unmedicated, low intervention birth and I knew a midwife would support me the most in making my dreams come true! I chose Kelsey Gilley, CNM and I absolutely love her! She is so caring and understanding and makes me feel very comfortable, which will be important during delivery!

What fears have you had about birth or being a mom? What has helped you most during this time?

Of course, there's always fears of having complications during delivery or thinking I won't be able to have the birth I dream of. I rely heavily on my midwife for support and encouragement. I also read a lot of blogs to build confidence and to just remember my body is made for this!

What have you enjoyed, if anything, about being pregnant?

Absolutely everything! I have had such an easy going pregnancy with no symptoms or complications and I am SO thankful for that! I've most definitely enjoyed getting to feel his moves and kicks the most and love when my husband experiences this with me!

What are you looking forward to most about being a mom?

Definitely the baby snuggles! My husband and I are excited to watch our son grow and reach all of his milestones!